Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Super Super Busy!

Man I dont know were to begin. It seems like now that school is in full swing I don't have any time left to do the fun things that I get to do during the summer (like blog!)
Life has been treating me really well though.
I was in a car accident last week and I thank God that I was not hurt (just alitte sore) My car on the other hand didnt make it through quite as well.
It will be in the shop for 6 weeks YUCK! but a car is fixable!
The sad thing is that the night before Clayton and I layed out all of our expenses and figured out that we will be able to have it payed off my March or April! oh well!
On the up side Clayton was able to swich his shift at work for the next six weeks to 7-3, so now we get to wake up together every morning, have breakfast together, and come home from work together! I love it!
Mom and Dad are back from Canada and staying with us. It is so good to have them back home! They are working on their house and it is so exciting to see the progess as it is going up! The sheet rock went in today and man it sure looks like a great house!
It is getting Clayton and I excited about us building a house of our own in the next year!
School is going exreamly well, oh to let you know my projector got fixed and man do I love it! It is sure a valuable tool in my class.
I made it through the first nine weeks! I cant believe that it is just a few more week left until Christmas!!! man does time fly!!!

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