Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Fun Night Out!

Clayton is such a sweet husband!
He surprised me with a fun day out!
He took the day off of work, we slept in, went to the mall-shopping, then went to bricktown, saw an movie and then went to a red hawks game!
It was so great to spend a whole day with him!

We have been doing so good and have not had a pop in over 4 weeks! but we figured we were on a special day-since it also was our 5th month wedding anniversary!, we would splurge and get one. This is what happened! (lol)

I had never had Dipin Dots so we bought us some while at the movie!
They are very interesting! I love them!

Here is us at the Red Hawks game. They won 5-0. with a no hitter!
Clayton and I had the All You Can Eat Seats and man were they worth it!
I had 3 drinks, 5 bags of cotton candy, nachos, a hotdog, and a bag of peanuts!

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