Friday, July 31, 2009

Going Shopping!

Tisha called me last night and she is going to be in the city today to go shopping for her classroom. She is so excited and nervous! She asked if I would help her out.
so I am meeting her and we are going to work on decorating her classroom. We are going to go to Porches School Supply, and Mardel's. I am glad to help her out, it is fun to think about decorating a new classroom. I went to my class a couple of days ago and it felt like stepping back into my world! Everything is set up and ready to go! Oh with 2 new changes that I am so excited about!! There was a brand new flat screen Dell computer sitting on my desk!!!! (Yeah!!! no more waiting 10 min for an art site to download!!!) as well as a brand new projector mounted to the ceiling!!!!

I will post pics of my class soon!

1 comment:

  1. HAve fun! We'll call when we're back from Colorado! I LOVE that you have a new computer and projector. That's fabulous! Talk to you soon.