Monday, July 20, 2009

Clayton's New Do!

Clayton decided that it was time for a new hair cut, just too hot at home to have long hair! So he let me buzz it!
Its kind of a funny story, after dinner Clayton asked me to buzz it, we got out the trimmers and started, then the trimmmers ran out of batteries as soon as I just took a huge chunk out of the front! (lol)
We had already asked Dustin, Kasie, the girls and Luke over for cake for Clayton's birthday, and of course they were going to be there in an hours time. Which was not enough time to charge the trimmers and get it fixed before they showed up!
We jumped in the car and ran over to his dad's which is thankfully just right down the road! He had some trimmers and we got Clayton buzzed just before our guests arrived!!!

The Start

Calling Dad looking for trimmers!

Mohawk stage half way!

My Cute buzzed husband!!!!!

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